Eddie Is With The Angels - CbL Cares Polish

A silver intense linear holo with multi color shifting flakes and Unicorn pigment that shifts blue to violet to pink.

12 mL - 5 free, cruelty free and vegan. Made in Colorado, USA.

Coverage in 2-3 coats. Always use a good quality top coat, such as CbL PDQ or Smooth Operator, to add shine, extend wear time, and preserve the holographic effect.

CbL Cares Polish - Eddie is with the Angels

This is the 4th polish in a series for a wonderful man named Edward Asbury. Eddie lost his fight with cancer this morning, August 27, 2018. I have come to know this family even though I have never met them (yet) and they have all but adopted me. To see this family's love is amazing. This polish is a celebration of Eddie's life. It is bright and sparkling just like the man. To know Eddie was to know life. For some strange reason this family came to me out of the blue at a time when I really needed someone. They saved me. They have always asked how they could possibly repay me for what I have done but what they don't understand is that I needed them more than they needed me. They taught me to hold family close and to live life to it's fullest every minute of every day and to not take for granted the life you are living. Since getting to know this family and the spirit of a man who was fighting the worst possible odds with the most positive outlook I have begun to spend time with family that I have not done in a long time. There was always time and it could wait...I was too busy. Now I make time even if I don't have it to spare. I have gotten back to knowing family that I haven't known in years. Eddie you gave me more than I could ever possibly give you and for that I will owe you forever. Thank you Eddie for teaching me to remember that family is forever. Go soar with the Eagles and find my dad. He will take you fishing.

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