Witches in the Woods (Magnetic)

Witches in the Woods: A dusty navy blue base packed with chameleon chrome flakes (green-blue-pink), blue-purple magnetic pigment and green-purple shimmer. There is also a smattering of deep emerald glitters. This one should be opaque in 2-3 thin coats, shake well before use as the flakes can make it slightly chunky. We recommended top coat as this will dry slightly textured.

All Chilling Adventure colours are limited edition and available for this one presale only.
Swatched by @blossom.street, @glitterfingersss, @getupft, @tanya_wish, @queenofnails83, @de_briz,

Important! *
The multichrome magnetic pigment has been replaced by our supplier. It is slightly darker (still with a purple shift) than the blue pictured in our swatches. We have done our best to match it as close as possible with advice from our supplier on which is most suitable, and it is still a VERY lovely magnetic multichrome.
However, due to this change it means that the bottle you receive will not be a 100% match to all photos. Thus for full transparency we have this disclaimer that you must acknowledge prior to adding this item to your cart. Thank you for your understanding.

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