Loyalty Program



If you shop regularly at Nailland, our Loyalty Program is made for you! Every FULL-PRICED (except free-shipping) purchase will accumulate a 5% in points, with a points reflection on your Rewards. You can use your reward points later at our webshop.


How does it work?


We’ll calculate your points based on the value of your cart (the total value of the full-priced products without the shipping cost). Every purchase will accumulate a 5% in points on your Loyalty Account.

Your Rewards Points balance will be displayed during checkout, and you can use your points at the Cart site .


What’s the value of one point?


You get your purchase’s 5% in points, with a points reflection on your Rewards in a 20:1 ratio. So for example if you order for 50 €, you’ll get 750 points (which means 2,5 €). 


How can I use my points?


You could use your points anytime. You will get your real reward points, when your orders are in "shipped" status, not when you place the order. So your points are usable after your orders are completed. 



1- Starting as of September 01, 2017, you should use your loyalty points in the following 4 months time. All unused( old and new) points, which is older than 4 months will be deleted automatically and continously by the system. It will be activated in the beginning of January 2018!

2- You get points for just full-priced products. Loyalty points will not be applied , in case of using coupon code and any special promotion/discount!

3- You do not get points, when your order is free shipping. However, our system will give you points for the amount between free-shipping value and your order value! 


Terms of use


We can change the system of the Loyalty Points without further notice. You can check the accurate and up to date rules of the Loyalty Program in this site.

The only requirement to receive Rewards Points is to have an account on the website and when you check out make sure that you are checking out logged in to your account. We cannot track purchases if you are logged in as a guest.

The reward must be redeemed on a purchase in the webstore.

We don’t calculate points based on shipping cost.

You don’t get points for a deleted order.

This is a shopper reward and has no cash value. We do not issue cash refunds for your rewards.