- Picture Polish New Shades are available. Out of stock shades are BACK-ORDERABLE now, we will ship them on June 21! 

- Cirque 2019 Vice Collection, BACK-ORDER, 10% OFF, Shipping will be app. in the 3rd week of June! 

- A-England new collection : British Subcultures + London Vibes, BACK-ORDER, 10% OFF, Shipping will be in the 4th week of June! 

Femme Fatale June'19- Jumanji Collection + Cotm June, BACK-ORDER, 10% OFF : Shipping will be app. end of June!

Painted Polish New Trio - 6 Year Anniversary Collection is available now! the 4 of July collection is back-orderable now with 10% OFF! Shipping will be app. at the end of June!  

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