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 NAILLAND EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, 10 - 50 % OFF for all Brands, December 02 - 11 ! 

POLISH PICKUP & NAILLAND COLLABORATION! ♥ PPU December 02-05, "Maker's Choice". More info:  Nailland & PPU Collaboration | Nailland - Indie Nailpolish &Nailart  

 - Shipping Update Of PPU November : Our PPU shipment has arrived on Dec. 08th, we have started to ship all available PPU orders!  

 !!!! We have a NEW Instagram Account :  @nailland.hu , so please follow us at new account to get update news and info !!!! 

✿ ILNP Restock and 2022 NYE Collection are available!

✿ Ethereal Purrrrfect Mystery Bags & In The Name Of The Moon Part 3 Collection ,Back- Order, Shipping will be app. end- Dec.! 

✿ Cuticula Naillacquer  Restock and "Frost In Wonderland Collection"Back- Order, Shipping will be app. mid- December ! 

✿ ILNP Restock, New Collection Winter Wonderland and new Topcoat - Glass Candy& Basecoat - Lockup are available !

✿ Painted Polish Restock + New Gilded trio&Doorbuster polishes are available. Shipping : app. mid-December ! 

✿ Fair Maiden Restock + New Pure Imagination collection, Back- Order, Shipping will be app. mid- December ! 

 Katheen & Co New Winter '22 Collection and Mystery PolishesBack- Order, Shipping will be app. end- December ! 

✿ Polished For Days New Tis the Season Collection , Back- Order, Shipping will be app. mid- December ! 

✿ Masura Fall-Winter 2022 Collection ,Back-Order ,Shipping will be app.end- Dec. (if there will be no further shipment delay)

 Picture Polish New Collection, The Metallic Flakie is available!

✿ KBShimmer Restock & New The Northern Exposure Collection are available !

✿ A-England New Collection and Restock are available ! 

✿ Colores de Carol Brighter Future  / Pretty Ugly Fall / Retro Holidays Collections are available !

✿ Dam Polish  New Survival Series Trio &Advent Calendar are available !

 Starrily Restock + New 2022 Spring/Summer Collections  are available !

SHIPPING INFO : Please check our "Shipping Info"  page for the new Free Shipping conditions. 

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