- ***NEW BRAND*** : July 30! 

- ILNP New 2021 Summer " Tropics" collection + Restock : July 30! 

- Painted Polish Restock + New At Sea : Vol V : July 30%

 - Picture Polish Restock + New Collection : Rani, Bold, Selena, NPA,Be Creative, Tulip, Vibes are available in -stock!  

- Bow Polish New Flash Collection New shades are available to Back-order. Shipping is app. end-July!

- XDance Sky New Art Palette #3 and #4 are available to Back-order. Shipping will be app. end-July!

- Ethereal Lacquer Zodiac Mystery Polishes Cancer&Gemini and Matterhorn Cotton Candy Collaboration Duo, PRE-ORDER! 

- Polish Pickup Rewind Shades : July 01!

- Cadillacquer New " 2021 Summer Flowers", Mystery Polish and PPU Rewind Shade "The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman", PRE-ORDER : July 1! Shipping will be app. end-July!

- Kathleen & Co, New 2021 Summer Shimmers and PPU rewind Shade " Dawn of Aurora ( Magnetic)". Shipping will be end-July! ( There is a shipping delay app. 2 weeks) 

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- KBShimmer Restock + PPU Rewind Shade "Fruit Slices, Yummy Yummy" : July 02! 

- ILNP New 2021 Summer Neon Poolside Collection are available with 10-15% OFF. Shipping will be in the first week of July! (Please apply your Summer Sale coupon codes to get discounts!)

- Polished For Days Restock + NEW "Wonderful World of Color" Collection are available!

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  • Uberchic beauty stamping plate nailart

    UberChic Beauty
  • Wildflower lacquer indie new collection killer queen
    Killer Queen
  • ethereal lacquer indie nailpolish new collection in the name of the moon

    Ethereal Lacquer
  • polished for days, 2020 winter holiday, sweater weather, indie, nail polish
    2020 Winter
    Polished For Days
  • Colores De Carol, indie, nail polish, new collection

    Colores De Carol
  • Picture polish New Collection Shades Indie Nailpolish

    Picture Polish
  • Cirque colors, nail polish, new collection, Superfuture collection, 2021 spring

  • WW Shipping
  • cadillacquer 2020 summer flakies

  • Painted Polish 2020 'Fall Rise & Grind Quartet’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice & Chill Trio

    Painted Polish
  • ILNP, Tea Party collection, 202i spring, Indie, nail polish, I Love Nail Polish, new collection
    Tea Party

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Picture Polish Rhysand
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2020 Summer Collection
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