Nailland Gift Card

- If you would like to buy a gift for anyone, "Nailland Gift Card" are just suitable for it.

- You could get Gift Card in two options, either as "Printed" card or "Online" :

1. Option :  If you would like to have a real printed gift card in your hand, then, place gift card into your shopping card and finish it as normal order. We will send you Nailland Gift Card with the chosen shipping method. "Coupon code" will be written on the card. 

2. Option : If you would like to have an online Gift Card, then :  

  • Place gift card into your shopping cart and then, choose " Reservation" without shipping for shipment. So, you will not pay any shipping fee.
  • When we receive your order&payment, we will send you a special "Coupon Code" by e-mail, it will be the same value as your ordered gift card. You could give this code to anyone as present. 

- Important : You need to use gift cards/coupon codes just one-time as a total amount, so they can not be used as partly.

- If you need further info or help, please let us know : [email protected]