Polish Me Silly - Glow Pop PT. 5 Collection -  Groovy Glow

Polish Me Silly - Glow Pop PT. 5 Collection - Groovy Glow

Polish Me Silly - Glow Pop PT. 5 Collection -  Groovy Glow


Groovy Glow is ! It's a gorgeous blue & purple and in some lights will show a pink or green hue shine/shimmer throughout this polish. It looks different in all different lighting situations... indoors and outdoors! These photos do a great job showing its true beauty and are very accurate!

Please see all of the photos to see how this polish looks under all different lighting conditions!

This polish requires 2 to 3 thick coats to achieve your desired look without a basecoat. This polish is very smooth to the touch. Always finish your manicure with a great top coat! Be sure to check out our top coats to finish off these "Mirror Mirror" & "Top It Off"... 2 fantastic fast drying clear top coats!! Each one is unique in its own way!

Thank you to @gotnail for you GORGEOUS SWATCH!!

♥ This listing is for ONE FULL SIZE (0.5 oz. / 15ml) bottle. This is not a mini size bottle. Our bottle is the same shape and size as a Seche Vite bottle. *if you want to order a mini bottle check out the separate mini listing **

♥ All of our polishes are custom- blended and they have loose cosmetic-grade glitters, micas and colorants. They are 5 free~~NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)~~NO Formaldehyde
and NO Toluene.

♥ Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, some glitters and pigments may settle during shipping. For best results, please shake your bottle well before using (we have included 1 extra large stainless steel mixing ball in each polish). It's always good to put a great top coat over your glitter polishes(we love seche vite) to smooth out the glittery feeling that some glitter polishes have....plus a top coat adds a great shine!

♥♥♥ IMPORTANT FACTS: Some settling of glitter is absolutely normal, as is separation of certain colors over time. Please shake our bottles well to restore the polishes normal consistency every time you use it. Polishes with larger amounts of glitter may appear thicker and this is due to the denseness of the glitter in each bottle. Nail polish thinner can help this out if it bothers you. Also, some larger shaped glitters, odd-shaped glitters(shreds) and bar glitters can develop a slight curl during application. This is normal and can/will happen from time to time due to various reasons. Please make sure you apply a gelous or a regular topcoat to help tame this and prevent it from happening.

♥ Most of our polishes ship within 1-5 working days from the time you purchase them. During the launch of new color combos, we usually take anywhere from 2 days up to 1 week to ship out an order due to the high volume of sales we receive. If there is a delay, we will note it on our etsy site or Facebook.



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Polish Me Silly


Glow Pop Collection


2021 Winter



Polish Me Silly - Glow Pop PT. 5 Collection - Groovy Glow

Polish Me Silly - Glow Pop PT. 5 Collection - Groovy Glow