► Cirque Colors - Spellbound Trio Collection, PRE-ORDER. Shipping will be app. mid-October!

► Cuticula Restock + New Autumun's Palette, PRE-ORDER ! Shipping will be in early-October!

► Colores De Carol New 2021 Halloween Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid and Once Upon a Fall Collection , PRE-ORDER , September 24 - 27 !  

► Polished For Days New 2021 Autumn Leaves Collection, BACK-ORDER, September 20! Shipping will be early-October !  

Ethereal Lacquer New Wedding Colloboration with Matterhorn , Back-order! Shipping will be in October!

 Koroleva Collabrotion Collection 2021 Polish  , PRE-ORDER , September 14-19 ! 

► Wildflower Lacquer  New Happy Little Polishes Collection  + Alzheimer's Awareness 2021 Polish , Back-order. Shipping will be app. early-October!

 Painted polish new "Keep calm & Brew On" collection is available. Shipping will be app. mid-September!  

 Cirque New  "Glazed" Jelly Collection + Restock are available!

► ILNP Restock + New "Manhattan" collection is available. *UPDATE SHIPPING INFO * : There is a shipping delay by DHL, we will be shipping all back-orders end -September. 

► Uberchic Beauty 2021 Fall New plates "Lovely leaves-06 /Hello Fall & Pumpkin Spice-02/ Pretty Plaid-03/ Halloween-07"    are available! 

 Kathleen & Co, New 2021 "The Oceanic Collection , Back-Order . Shipping will be app. early-October!  

► Picture Polish Restock + New Collection : Rani, Bold, Selena, NPA,Be Creative, Tulip, Vibes are available in -stock!  


  • Autumn is calling
    UberChic Beauty
  • Happy Little Polishes
    Happy Little Polishes
  • ethereal lacquer , wedding collection ,2021 fall ,indie nail polish
    Wedding Collection
    Ethereal Lacquer
  • Wonderful World of Color Collection
    Polished For Days
  • Once Upon a Fall Collection

    Colores De Carol
  • 2021 Summer Collection
    Picture Polish
  • KBShimmer nailpolish indie nailart new season collection RV There yet ?
    RV There Yet ?
  • Glazed Collection

  • WW Shipping
  • Summer Flowers Collection
  • Painted Polish , Keep calm & Brew On
    Keep Calm & Brew On Collection
    Painted Polish
  •  ILNP Manhattan Collection - Warm and Rustic Autumn Nail Polish Collection
    ILNP Manhattan Collection

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