• Fair Maiden - Pastel Neon Set - Complete Kit
    Pastel Neon Set
    Fair Maiden Polish
  • Summer 2022
    Summer 2022
    UberChic Beauty
  • Ethereal Lacquer  Monarch Collection
    Monarch Collection
    Ethereal Lacquer
  • Once Upon a Dream Collection
    Polished For Days
  • Colores De Carol July Releases
    July Releases
    Colores De Carol
  • 2021 Winter
    Picture Polish
  •  Just Add Water Collection
    Just Add Water Collection
  • Fantastical Collection
    Fantastical Collection

  • WW Shipping
  • Advent Calender
  • The Galaxy Crate™
    The Galaxy Crate™
    Starrily Polish
  • ILNP The Golden Hour Collection
    ILNP The Golden Hour Collection



 Fair Maiden  New Fall Lux Collection Collection  , Launching on August 19th !

✿ Katheen & Co  New Collections : Adler Planeterium , Women in Music 80s Pop Edition, Shedd Aquarium , Pre-Order August 12August 15 !

 Ethereal New   Jack's Halloween Countdown Collection , Pre-Order August 06August 12 !

✿ Painted Polish Restock , Mystery Crellies and New At Sea Collections Back-Order ! Shipping will be app. mid-end August !

 Polished For Days Returning Polishes and Bows and Rose Collab  Back-Order ! Shipping will be app. end August !

 Ethereal New   Fruity Juicy Collection , ,Back-Order ! Shipping will be app. early September !

 ***New Brand*** JReine's Collections , Back-Order ! Shipping will be app. mid -end August !

 Cirque  New Fantastical Collection  ,Back-Order ! Shipping will be app. end August !

 KBShimmer  New Just Add Water Collection and PBE Chicago Exclusive ,Back-Order ! Shipping will be app. early-mid August !

 Colores de Carol New Summer Crellies and Summer Holos  Back-Order !  , Shipping will be app. early-mid August !

 Fair Maiden Neon Pastel Water Marbling Set + PBE Exclusive Shades + Restock , Shipping will be app. early-mid August !

✿ Cadillacquer New Collection , PPU Rewind 2022 Trolljegeren  and Restock , Back-Order Shipping will be app. early-mid August !

✿ Dam Polish New  Releases+Restock+Knockout Neons Collection and PPU Rewind ,Back-Order ,Shipping will be app. early-mid August !

 ILNP  Restock and New  The Golden Hour Collection are available !

 Kathleen & Co PPU Rewind and New Shades are available !

✿ Ethereal Lacquer  Monarch+Customer Appreciation +Raindrops & Coffee Shop are available !

✿ Polished For Days New  Daydream Collection and PPU Rewind 2022 Just Keep Swimming are available !

✿ Cirque Colors New Bubbly  Collection is available !

✿ Colores de Carol New Jellyfish Collection is available !

Uberchic  New 2022 Collection + Restock are available !



✿ SHIPPING INFO : Please note that bcs of the situation, we can not give exact shipping timeframe of back-orders for Russian brands. Thanks for understanding! 

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Picture Polish Rhysand
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