Starrily Restock and New The Galaxy Crate Set, Launching : TBA! 

 Wildflower Sofishticated Collection 2.0, Pre-order : Dec. 17! 

 Cirque Colors restock and New "Illusion" Collection, Back-order ! Shipping will be  in December! ( We are waiting for the exact shipping date from Cirque. As soon as we have it, we will advise!

 Uberchic New Year  Collection is available!

► Picture Polish Restock + New Collection, Launch : TBA!  (There is a shipping delay, bcs of supply shortage!)

► Polished For Days New Snow Day Collection, Nov. 24! 

► Kathleen & Co New Winter'21 Collection and Mystery Grab Bags 

 A-England Restock + New At Leighton's, Leighton's Nymphs, Burne-Jones Divine Allegories collection! Laung Date : Nov. 20! 

 Ethereal  New In the name of the Moon Collection Part 2 + Libra & Scorpio Zodiac Mystery polishes!

 ILNP Restock + New Winter Resort collection.Shipping  : app. mid-November!

 KBShimmer Restock + New  Goods Spirits Collection, Back-order. Shipping : early-December

 Uberchic restock and New  Fall plates & polishes and Holo-day Collection , Back-order ! Shipping  : app. mid-to-late-November!

 Fun Lacquer Restock + New Christmas 2021 Collection, Back-order ! Shipping will be  app. mid-November!

 Polish Me silly Restock + New Glow Pop PT.5 , Back-order! Shipping will be  app. mid-November!

*SHIPPING INFO*  : Because of High- Season, some shipping delays may occur, so please allow us to ship orders in 1-7 days. Thanks for your understanding! 

  • New Fall & Holo-Day
    New Fall & Holo-Day
    UberChic Beauty
  • Tangled Tinsel Mystery Bags
    Tangled Tinsel Mystery Bags
  • In The Name of The Moon Pt.2
    In The Name of The Moon Pt.2
    Ethereal Lacquer
  • Snow Day Collection
    Snow Day
    Polished For Days
  • Merry & Bright Collection
    Merry & Bright Collection
    Colores De Carol
  • 2021 Summer Collection
    Picture Polish
  • In Good Spirits Collection
    In Good Spirits Collection
  • Illusion Collection
    Illusion Collection

  • WW Shipping
  • Advent Calender
    Advent Calender
  • Creepy Crawly Quartet
    Creepy Crawly Quartet
    Painted Polish
  • The Winter Resort Collection
    The Winter Resort Collection

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